You’ve found the perfect LoDo apartment in Denver. You’re all moved in and you’re making the space your own. The holidays are quickly approaching, and maybe it’s the first time you can really go all out with holiday decorating. Here are five easy tips to decorate your apartment for the holidays.  

Put up a tree

It might be tough to get a big live tree up to a high floor LoDo apartment in Denver. But, have no fear, you still have options. You could purchase a smaller live tree that you can easily maneuver to your floor, or you can opt for an artificial tree that comes neatly packed in a box ready for fluffing once opened… and with much less pine needle debris along the delivery route!

Add lights in unexpected places

Nothing says the holidays quite like twinkling lights in every color of the rainbow. You might be a holiday purist and opt for white lights in unexpected places like the banister of your stairs, draped around the ceiling line of your living space, tossed around a bookshelf, or framing your cozy couch. Or you might love all the bright color options of the holidays more and choose to integrate throwback colored strings of light on your tree and around your space. Have an outdoor railing on your balcony or terrace? Be sure to hang lights on it full a festive feel!

Add a wreath to your door

One simple way to add a holiday touch to your apartment is with a wreath on your front door to greet guests and visitors. You might choose a traditional wreath made of greenery with holiday accents. Or you might instead incorporate a custom-made holiday wreath incorporating elements of the season that you love. No need to drill into the door to hang your wreath, opt for an over the door hook or removable stick-on hanger.  

Pick up an antique mantle

If your downtown apartment has a fireplace, then you can decorate the mantle for the season with reckless abandon. If your place doesn’t have this feature, have no fear, you might still be able to hand your stocking in the traditional way. Visit antique shops in your area for antique mantle pieces which are often salvaged from hold homes during demolition. You can probably pick one up for pretty cheap and stand it against the wall of your living room to create your own holiday fireplace feeling. 

Use pillows and blankets

Pillows and blankets are an easy way to incorporate a holiday theme into your apartment decor. Department and online stores alike stock plenty of pillows and throws from which to choose. Replace your couch pillows with festive ones for the holiday and your cozy blankets with a fleece number featuring a seasonal theme to easily transform your space.

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