DENVER (CBS4) — Amazon plans to open a new office in Denver that will more than double its tech workforce in the metro area. Amazon announced that will open a 98,000 square foot office in downtown Denver and that it will add 400 new jobs in fields including software and hardware engineering, cloud computing and advertising.

The office will be located at 1515 Wynkoop Street, one block from Union Station.

Amazon offers a range of programs to equip job seekers and employees with the skills they need for new, in-demand jobs, including paid cloud computingapprenticeships for military veterans.


Amazon has created more than 3,500 full-time jobs across Colorado in the past three years and invested over $1.5 billion in our state, including infrastructure and compensation, officials said in a statement released Tuesday.

“The company estimates that these direct investments in the state contributed more than $1 billion to Colorado’s economy (2016-2018) and generated over 8,000 indirect jobs, 3,700 of them created by Amazon’s direct suppliers. There are also more than 45,000 authors, developers, and small and medium-sized businesses in Colorado growing their businesses with Amazon,” company officials stated.

Amazon already has more than 350 employees in the Denver area building new products and services for the company’s retail and advertising businesses, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“I’m so excited that Amazon is adding 400 more jobs in Colorado. We have a terrific workforce that continues to attract the ideas and businesses that thrive in a knowledge-based economy and we are a great place to do business,” Gov. Jared Polis was quoted as saying. “Amazon’s current Colorado presence spans from distribution centers to robotics, corporate and operations.”

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