More than 320,000 residents of Denver rent apartments rather than find a path to homeownership. That’s a lot of people that the best Denver apartment complexes are actively competing for. One that these complexes try to compete is by creating a sense of community within the complex. It’s becoming increasingly common for big complexes to host cool parties as a means of bringing their tennant population together. Here are just a few kinds of parties that you might find in the Mile High City.

Dog park parties

Denver residents also love their pets and some estimates place the city’s dog population higher than the number of children living here. Many Denver apartment complexes have answered that call and are indeed pet friendly. They also take this pet love one step further and many host dog parties where tenants and their furry friends can socialize and perhaps make a new friend or two.   

Wine tastings for tenants

If you’re living in the Mile High City, there’s no need to leave home and head West to Napa, California to have your very own wine tasting. You’ll find many large complexes host events like wine tastings to build a sense of community and to bring like-minded people together. It’s as simple as hiring a sommelier and having them bring in a cadre of wines and finger food. Then, poof, a great time was had by all.  

BBQs at your apartment complexes 

Sunshine might be plentiful in Denver, but warm and sunny days are a bit more elusive. These days present the perfect opportunity for a complex-wide BBQ around the pool. It doesn’t take much convincing for tenants to descend on the pool area to soak up the sun’s rays and to eat some delicious BBQ.   

Decorating contests for the holidays

When the weather doesn’t bring everyone outside to be together, a fun door decorating contest can do this same in spirit. Many Denver apartment complexes have been known to sponsor a door decorating contest especially near the holidays. Lucky winners can win all kinds of things and the complexes usually come up with a few different categories so the fun and thrill of winning can be shared by a few more tenants. Living in a large apartment complex is way more fun these days than it used to be. Perhaps that’s why more than 300,000 adults in the Mile High City are content to stay there.

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