In large cities, luxury apartment living is the norm and apartments have come a long way in the past 30 years or so. If you’re in the market for a LoDo Denver luxury apartment, you’ll quickly see that many properties offer incredible amenities that make them an attractive place to hang your hat. Here are just a few of the most common luxury amenities available today.

Luxury apartment and A place for your pets 

People love their pets and they definitely don’t want to sacrifice pet ownership for apartment living. So, LoDo Denver luxury apartment communities have answered the call with some pretty incredible amenities that humans and their four-legged friends will enjoy. Forget having to walk blocks to the nearest park for some outdoors time with your pooch; many apartment buildings these days offer onsite dog parks where your furry friend can socialize with other dogs, take care of business, and burn a little energy each day. You might even find a building that offers a small pet washing station too so that you can keep this messy chore out of your own apartment.

Coworking spaces

If you work from home, either daily or on occasion, this next luxury amenity is for you. It’s becoming more common for apartment buildings to offer coworking spaces to their tenants. This allows for a change of scenery in the event you feel the walls of your apartment are closing in on you. It also allows for the opportunity to network with other professionals that might also live in your building. Many apartment buildings also offer property-wide WiFi which makes working in a shared space possible.  

Fitness centers in a luxury apartment

Apartment buildings have upped their game when it comes to onsite fitness facilities and recreational opportunities. Many buildings provide tenants with the use of a full fitness center on the property and some even offer classes throughout the week like yoga or pilates. Also be on the lookout for a pool and spa, basketball, tennis, or other sporting facilities, and maybe even a well-lit walking path through the property.  

Community garden

The focus on fresh, healthy food has never been greater. Many people choose to grow their own food so that they know exactly where it comes from. Some luxury apartments have begun to incorporate community gardens as a way of allowing people to grow their own food despite living in a smaller footprint than the suburbs. 

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