Making a residential move, no matter how small can be a stressful endeavor, especially in a growing city like Denver, Colorado. There are a lot of things to consider: ideal location, budget, amenities, etc. Here is a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect apartment for you in Denver: 


  1.   Location 

Location, location, location. We have all heard this before and when it comes to apartment-hunting that notion holds very true. There are many great neighborhoods in Denver, from the Highlands to LoDo and RiNo. Determining the best neighborhood for you is an important factor in moving and getting the best out of your new city. Price can also vary depending on the neighborhood you choose, so consider this one of your first areas of research. 


  1.   Budget 

Your budget will be a major determining factor in an apartment search. The newer the building or the more recently renovated will mean higher pricing, but typically better amenities and property management. There are options for everyone apartment hunting in Denver, but doing your research on what buildings have move-in specials and fluctuating prices will make a difference. Also, consider apartment size when it comes to your budget, typically speaking the larger space the more expensive. However, sometimes you can get lucky with a one-bedroom costing the same or less than a studio. Depending on the month, apartment prices and lease lengths can vary. Having a good idea of when you will be moving could set you up for finding a budget-friendly location that is perfect for you. 


  1.   Amenities

Most apartment buildings offer a variety of great amenities from swimming pools to dog parks. Determine which amenities are must-haves for you and start to narrow your search from there. Being in Denver, where active lifestyles are common, most buildings are pet-friendly and even offer bike storage. 


  1.   Commuting 

Denver is a big city for commuters so planning strategically for your commute is something to consider. There are several major highways and interstates that run in and around Denver. Situating yourself close to one can be ideal for car commuters and typically gets you close to a public transportation option such as the light rail or RTD bus. 


  1.   Lease Length 

One thing many people don’t always consider when signing a new lease is how prices can fluctuate depending on lease length. Most properties will offer leases from a short as three months all the way to 17 months. When you sign a longer lease length you can usually lock in a lower monthly rent price. 


If you are considering a move or in the process of finding a new apartment in Denver, enlist this guide to help you with your search. What could help even more is letting someone handle all the research for you. Utilizing an apartment locating service is the best way to find the perfect apartment in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort. If you are on the hunt for an apartment in Denver, turn to Main Street 360 Expert Apartment Locators to handle all the backend research, tour scheduling and application process for you. A completely free service for customers, Main Street 360 Expert Apartment Locators are here to help make your move smooth. 

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