Did you know that 921 people move to Denver each month? That’s a whopping total of 11,052 people moving here per year! With our booming economy and an endless supply of things to do in and outside of the city, it makes sense as to why there’s such a large migration of folks from all over. But what exactly draws all of these people to house and apartment rentals in the Mile High City? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular reasons.

A growing number of job opportunities

According to Denver Westword, as of August 2018, Colorado has added approximately 72,200 jobs year-over-year, with a growth rate of 2.7 percent. The highest amount of jobs added are in the Professional and Business Services industry and the Leisure and Hospitality industry.

Increased wages for Denverites

In addition to our growing amount of jobs, our state knows how to pay its employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado’s average wages totaled $57,436 compared to the national average of $55,928. With such incredible statistics on job opportunities and great pay alone, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to Denver in search of home and apartment rentals.

Access to the mountains

Living in Denver means you’re only minutes away from the mountains. Depending on where your apartment rental is in Denver, you could even have the mountains right in your backyard. This is incredibly appealing to many who love the outdoors and want to improve their hiking and skiing abilities. Regardless of how close you are to the mountains, most apartment rentals in Denver are going to offer a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains.

Beautiful living opportunities

In addition to the incredible view of the mountains, Denver sure knows how to create breath-taking apartment rental complexes. With such a huge surge of people moving to the city in search of apartment rentals, Denver knows it needs to build the best housing possible. There are also many apartments locating services in Denver that connect those moving here to their perfect apartment rental – all for free!

Improved quality of life

With low crime rates, great healthcare, and a large number of parks and outdoor spaces, the quality of life in Denver is very high. Overall, Denverites are happy to live here and are very friendly to those relocating here. With such incredible qualities of the city, it makes sense to why they would be so happy!

Are you planning or considering a move to Denver? If you are, your first step is securing somewhere to live. This is where Main Street 360 Apartment Locators can help! We will work with you to find the perfect apartment rental in Denver at no cost. All you have to do is fill out our form, and you’ll be hours away from being matched to your most compatible spots!

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